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Saturday, December 30, 2006

poker anyone?

There are remarkable mystical and mathematical connections to a deck of playing cards.
The four (4) suits (clubs, hearts, spades and diamond) represents the four seasons of the year. (spring, summer, autumn and winter).
There are fifty-two (52) cards in a deck, -52 weeks in a year.
There are thirteen (13) cards per suit, -13 lunar cycles in a year.
If you add all the values of each card plus (jack = 11, queen = 12, king = 13 and joker = 1) total is 365 = 365 days in a year.

Now, isn't that nice to play poker with?


the greatest disease in the world isn't medical, it's being unwanted, unloved and uncared for. we can cure physical diseases but the only cure for despair is love. there are those who are dying for a piece of bread but many more are dying for a piece of love. share it everyday.

-Grey's Anatomy

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


if money doesn't grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

why does a round pizza come in a square box?

why doesn't glue stick to its bottle?

why do you still call it a building when its already built?

if its true that we are here to help others, what are others here for?

if you aren't supposed to drink and drive why do bars have parking lots?

we are a funny bunch of people, living in a seriously fully world.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


its the day after Christmas, I'm exhausted as a lama. my body ache of all that merry making and my stomach is upset with all the fats in foods abounds. but it was fun, Christmas eve was a blast. we drink to sawa and party all night.

there was dancing, there was reveling, there was enjoyment everywhere.

on Christmas morning, i had a few glitches in my system, because of too much booze, i had an loose bowel movement and my hang over is killing me. you're asking me, is it worth it? you bet it is. a couple of hours of enjoyment, without thinking of all the problems.

man, a few moment of worry free is worth more hang over and lbm's in the world.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

the day

its only two days before Christmas, i notice people are very busy already. but one thing i also notice is that it seems Christmas is not within me. i mean, before, when the BER in the calendar comes, excited would overcome me, but now, it seems the essence of Christmas is gone.

gone are the days that you see children caroling, although you still see them at the street waiting for the traffic light to turn red for them to sing carols with you. gone are the days when firecrackers abound, stating that Christmas is in the air.

when i was a kid, i jocund at the tought that Christmas is already near, gift from my parents and relatives abound. i guess the meaning of Christmas had been lost already or am i just getting old?

Friday, December 22, 2006


whew, just got able to log in. got a very busy week, what with all the late Christmas rush. i attended a reunion yesterday with my friends and batch mates. it was long overdue but the essence there is we were able to hang out with each other again. even for just a while.

i had a drink to many again last night but it was worth it. had been home at the wee hours of the morning. hehehe. plus another hangover. huhuhuh

do you guys feel that whenever there's a reunion of sort, people tend to talk about the past, the things that had happen. reminiscing all the things that had happen before? it felt great...really great.

recollection of things done before, helps you be reminded of the things that you really wanted to achieve, the people behind those dreams, who shape up what you are today. just like the famous saying that "tell me who your friends are and ill tell you who you are."

i felt glad seeing my friends again, it such a relief and it really helps to ease the pressure. it helps me be given a stress free Christmas.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the day after

god, i still have a hang over. have to take chaser tablets to help me with this headache and loose bowel movement. anyways, the party started slow, with just a few of us drinking, and talking. without realizing it, i notice that there were already a bunch of us drinking. we had a pork grill and we enjoyed it a lot. not to mention the eagerness of some to have a bite of the deliciously malignant pork, which by the way we bought from the meat shop of Monterrey. it's a nice piece of meat with not much of fat on it.

beer blast started at around 10:00 pm, with 2 shot glass being used. i had a drink to many and have eaten to much spaghetti. one word of advice, don't mixed pasta and beer, they easily make your stomach full. that's why later on, i just munch on some dried corn flakes and a bunch of beans,

by midnight, things get to be rowdy, a lot of singing and dancing on the street. mind you, a lot of people are passing by. hehehe.

the rest, i can not remember for i completely black out with still 3 cases of 1 liter of red horse extra strong beer. it was a night like a preparation of things to happen this coming days, what with Christmas just around the corner.

Monday, December 18, 2006

happy birthday

today is my cousins birthday. for sure there will be lots of booze today. ill keep you updated what are the events and the stuff that had happen today with my post tomorrow.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stood Up

ever been in a situation wherein you are very exhausted already and you still have plans of going out later because of friends wanting to have a get together?

it did happen to me yesterday, i hadn't been able to get enough sleep this past couple of days and yesterday, i have a heavy workload.

friends called me and said, we will be having a late night bar hoping, at 7 pm. even though how exhausted i am, i went to the said meeting place and what have you, only one person shows up!

some times you wonder if they really put value to the friendship, but eleventh hour alibis. i mean, there i am, so exhausted, so tired, but still manage to go, the others who make the plans, didn't even bother to call.

but anyways, i had a great time last night, beer blast and stuff and the bands played really great.

the next time there's a get together, ill better be ready for the next time, i maybe alone.

Friday, December 15, 2006


In ancient England people could not have sex unless they had consent of the King, unless they were in the royal family.

When people wanted to have a baby, they had to get the consent of the king and the king have them a placard that they hung on their door while they were having sex.

The placard had F.U.C.K. (fornication under consent of the king) on it, hence that's where the word fuck came from.

Now, aren't you glad you learned something new today?

by: dewh

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Rubber Poem"

Kissing is a habit
F-cking is a game
Guys get the pleasure
Girls get the pain..

The guy says: "I Love You"
You believe its true!
But when your tummy
Starts to swell,

He says: "To hell with you"
3 rounds of pleasure,
9 months in pain,
4 days in the hospital,
and a baby without a name...

The baby is a bastard,
The mother is a whore
This wouldn't happen
If the rubber was worn..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


people nowadays are very busy. life is a fast paced things that almost everything is done in a hurry. but yesterday, as i was surfing the net at friendster, i got a chance to see some of pictures of friends, engaged in kissing and caressing. there's nothing wrong with that you may say but the problem is they are both girls. come on, you might say, isn't that amazing, don't you like watching them. it came into my mind that, is it because of the survey that there are more girls today than men. i doubt it. i was thinking, with all the news today about married priest, gay priest etc. may be the world's morality had shifted. i don't know, you can call me old school but i still believe that the perfect couple is between a man and a woman.

with the union of a man and a woman, it would be possible to procreate. although you may reason out that there are lots of way to bear a child this days, there's the artificial insemination etc. but would it be great for you woman out there to have a child that you labored on with.

i has a friend, she was dump by his girlfriend because of another girl. lesbian as i may say.
wow, so we boys have more competition nowadays, not only with other boys but with other girls also.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

PicK up LinES

"do you eat sugar?" because your smile is so sweet.

"does your family affinity with keyboard?" because you are my type.

"I'll have you arrested!" because you steal my heart.

"are you a dictionary?" because you add meaning to my life.

"do you have a license?" because you drive me crazy.

"i lost my number." can i have yours?

"is your name angel? because you look like one.

"i forgot your name, can i call you mine?

"excuse me, do u eat sweet corn? because you are so corny.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Short Message Services

whats up with today telecommunications network? i don't know whats going on with their system but they surely have a problem. its been quite a while already that i had been subscribe to globe telecoms. before, i had no complain with this company, but lately, all their systems just went cappot.

when your sending sms or text message which they are commonly know, they're not only delayed but some of them get lost. by lost i mean that the intended party you are sending is not the one. you'll get a lot of "hu u" "hus dis" etc. is this the kind of service they provide? with us paying all the billions they are earning for a very poor service.

last month when i paid my bill, it took them almost a month to credit it, notwithstanding the constant message from their system that i have an overdue balance, which had been paid the month before.

also, what's with a lot of add on on the bills? i cant seem to get it, there's the Foreign currency adjustment, there's the tax etc. come on, with all the money you get, the least you could do is improve your system.

all you do is compete with your rival network, without knowing that the reason most globe subscriber are transferring because of your poor service. i was thinking that since this is an Ayala owned company, the aspects of being service oriented is prioritized, but lately, Ive been proven wrong.

you, whats your take on this???

Sunday, December 10, 2006


i have seen my brother and his friends making skim boards, its a small boards use like a surfboard but only at the shore, unlike surfboards that you have to wait for waves at the middle of the sea.

what is it with it, well, it's just a simple way of going to the extreme. what i don't get is, why does one do all the trouble of making it, with all the works and expenses for a few second of pleasure? is it worth it?

i haven't tried it, so i don't know how it felt like, but i can assure you that a lot of young guys are into it right now. is it part of male ego? only them could answer it. but with the proliferation of extreme sports today, then i guess, every cents is worth it.

you, whats your take on it?

Saturday, December 9, 2006


i had been playing dota all stars for quite a while now and up until now, there's still this lingering question as to which is the best hero.

i may be biased when i say that i Like Sven a lot, the rouge knight, with the proper items, nobody can beat it. a lot had been saying that the sand king is the king of the dota all star, but i beg to disagree. you may have your favorite hero, but i still would choose my Sven, the best of them all.

i would very much welcome any ideas or suggestion from you as to the heroes of the dota all stars.
the strategies of the game and the tecniques of it.


a scandal is a widely publicised incident involving allegations of wrong doing, disgrace or moral outrage. a scandal may be base on reality, or as product of false allegations or a mixture of the two.

"one of the classes of scandals include sex scandals"

a sex scandal is a scandal in which a public figure becomes embroiled in situation where embarrassing sexual activities (or allegation of them) are publicised. these often involve adultery or some other from of affair. they may or not be legal.

sex scandal are often associated with movie stars and politicians, and are often believe to be the result of great power and wealth, leading to poor judgement or a belief that rules do not apply to them.

but there are new sex scandals abound today, with the advent of new technologies. the most common is the cellular phone scandals. and with the fast revolution of digital technology and the Internet, it has become much easier for people or couples to make, record and spread their carnal actions into the public, something which they would later regret.

now, what is your say on this one?

Friday, December 8, 2006

"U n F a I r"

travel warnings are unfair!!!

since 1975, when i was born, i had been leaving here in Cebu, and since that time, i had never heard of something so monumental than the hosting of the asean summit, sure, there was the anniversary of the centennial celebration in 1965 but i wasn't born then.

never has i seen Cebu to be very safe with all the security and the number of law enforcement station here for the said event.

5 countries, recently advise there citizen not to travel here, namely, Australia, new Zealand, England, the u.s.a and i forgot the fifth one. stating that terrorist are here to disrupt asean proceedings.

why unfair??? because they were never here, they hadn't even set foot here, they just assume that since there will be an international gathering, the risk of a terrorist attack is eminent. isn't that unfair. sure there are crimes here, petty at that but in a magnitude of it being a Target of terrorism, i doubt it, cebuanos are very vigilant, new faces abound and they always ask who they are or where they come from it has been our nature to be inquisitive. i don't know for the rest of the country but, i can attest you that, even with the summit being postpone, everyday, Koreans who are here to study English, arrive by the hundreds, Japanese are also coming here almost everyday and not to forget Caucasian who come here, searching for possible brides can attest that it is the safest city on the country. you might say that almost everyday there are killing, vigilante style, but do you know who are being killed? (forgive me for the human right violations) but people with records or who had been in and out of jail, sentence with robberies and and the like are the victims.

extrajudicial killings??? take this for instance, a robber kills a student in a jeepney for refusing to give up a cellphone, a nokia 3310, phase out in other countries and cost around 1000 here in the Philippines (approximately 20 dollars) who would you side with the robber who takes away the future of the victim or the robber who, his human rights had been violated.

so is the travel advisory justifiable? absolutely not!
before they should issue an advisory, wouldn't it be better if they stay here first? and experience life here in my beloved cebu???

divine intervention

seniang... what a name. be it divine intervention or pure luck but because of seniang, 16 head of state are surely defeated. the asean summit, supposed to be held next week had been postpone because of seniang, a tropical depression expected to make land fall tomorrow.

i may say divine intervention for i for one know that there still are a lot of things to be done, talking about preparation of the hosting of the asean summit here in Cebu, finishing touches as may be the standard comment of politicians and organizers.

nature has its way of destructing our land but for sure organizers are happy for a valid excuse is brought by seniang.

so, is seniang a divine intervention or just another typhoon rearing for its wrath to wreak havoc on this island paradise?

Thursday, December 7, 2006

make sense

on the first day i saw you, i know i was the one for you. but it turns out to be fake by the time i'm awake.

f-ck this unbelievable dream, it makes me want to scream.

shout out your voice up high, soar it across the sky, keeping your hand behind your thigh. make me look that i fly high.

don't be afraid to explore, on this beautiful galore. make life simple, smile and have a dimple.


stupid song

maybe you'll fell better when my world darkens. it makes me frightens, feels like a melting butter.

this time it would be different, cause i came with a judgement. all the things be fragment, away from this continent.

when ever you feel blue, tell me cause it's true. i'll be there, on the cue.

the christmas song

i admit that i'm not perfect on this. why did it end up like this. you still use your fucking excuses. that you and i could not attain success.

on how this bums me, ending my life up on a christmas tree. i want it as it be. whenever you done wrong, i still listen to this song. it hurts deep down,it feels like i'm about to drown. you make my blue sky grey, when you go astray. this song keeps bugging me, when i sing on top of the tree.

what a felling it would be, tearing gifts and toasting to anew era...this is my tree

"I Love You!"

many have live because of the line "I Love You." but there are more tears shed because of the same line. because there are more tongues that lie, than hearts love well.

i missed the talks we used to have, i miss the voice i used to hear, i miss hearing your crazy stories and above all this, its you i really miss.

i'm like your image in the mirror, when you smile, i'll smile back. when you pout, ill pout also. make faces, i too will make faces. but there's one thing that i wouldn't do, that's to turn my back when you do.

when i die tonight, promise me one thing,never ever cry cause who will wipe them tears when i'm gone.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

E x C e R p T s

"As i am marrying my daugther, please grant me a week's leave."

"Since I have to go to the province to sell my land, along with my wife, please authorize me a one-week leave."

"As my mother-in-law has expired, and I am only one responsible, please grant me 10 days leave."

"Since i must attend the burial at 10 o'clock, and I may not return, please grant me half-day leave."

"I am suffering from fever. Please declare one-day holiday."

"As I am studying in this school, I am suffering from headache. Please leave me today."

"My wife is suffering from sickness, and as I am her only husband at home, may I be granted leave?"

"I am enclosed herewith, Dear Sir--it end with "I am well here and hope you are also in the same well."

"the patient has no previous history of suicides." "the patient left white blood cell at another hospital." "the patient has chest pain if she lies on her left-side for over a year."

"this patient has two teenage children, but no other abnormalities."

"her skin was somewhat pale but present. and the pelvic exam will be done later on the floor." "another patient who was alert and unresponsive. The lab test indicated abnormal lover function." in fact, she had been constipated for most of her life, until she got a divorce.

"i saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy."

the patient has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was very hot in bed last night. on examination, we found both breast are equal and reactive to light and accommodation. further examination of genitalia reveals that she is circus sized. and while in the ER she was examine, x-rated and sent home."

funny how things regards words and letters and of analogies and metaphors. HEHEHE

does sex hava a city?

what is it about sex, that most people find it amusing to talk about? they joke and laugh about it. they fantasize and dream about it. some people are depresed and most of them are so obsesed... and i think you are one of them.
Sorry i couldn't find the time to hold your hand, sitting right by your beside.... maybe next time. i realized that I've given up the chance to see your eyes open for the last time. for the last time... you still see me dreaming, you still See me reaching out for fallen stars, reaching out for falling stars... try to understand that i hold you once again; she said; you left your heart behind and i put my life aside. we tried so hard to hide it, but couldn't do much but fight it, crossing fingers now and hoping for something in return. and she said, home must be better than this, home must be better than this... you put your trust in me, gave all but sympathy. you tried so hard to hide it. i couldn't do much but fight it. crossing fingers now. hoping for something i once had and said... home must be better than this, home must be better than this...
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