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Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hatton lost his memory after fight, handlers say


Now it can be told.

When Ricky Hatton recovered from Manny Pacquiao’s punch that knocked him out Sunday, he lost his memory temporarily and thought he was another person, his handlers revealed Monday.

For over an hour, Hatton thought he was Pacquiao.

“Where am I? I win right? I win the mats?” Hatton asked when he came to. “Where is Jinkee, my wayp? Jinkee, swithart, where are you?”

His handlers were all shocked.

Hatton reportedly could not recognize his own girlfriend, Jennifer Dooley, and his mother, Carol, and kept looking for Jinkee and Aling Dionisia, Pacquiao’s mother.

“Baby, listen, you are Ricky Hatton. You are Ricky Hatton. I’m sorry but you lost to Pacquiao,” Dooley told him.

But Hatton just ignored her. “Who are you? I em Manny Pacquiao. Where is ebribadi?”

The doctors said it was a rare phenomenon called “psychic transference,” in which a person who experiences a severe blow to the head sometimes loses his memory and wakes up thinking he is another person.

“But the odds of this happening is one-in-a-million,” one doctor said.

“That’s why we never granted an interview immediately,” Dooley said. “Certainly we couldn’t allow him to face the press and talk about how he had ‘won.’”

Instead, they had some people pose as reporters to “interview” him, Dooley said. She recalled Hatton telling the fake reporters: “I neber tot I will beat him easily. He is beri good payter, you know. Powerful punch, but I em able to get him with my right. I em beri happy. But I em sad for Ricky Hatton. I em just doing my jab.”

Then he started singing: “Kahit saan kahit kailan/ Basta’t kung para sa bayan/Buhay ko ay ilalaan/ Sa lupa kong sinilangan/ Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino/ Ang lahi ko/ Pilipino, Pilipino, Pilipino/ Ang lahi ko…”

Dooley recalled offering her boyfriend a glass of water. But Hatton told her frostily: “Ekyus me, I only drink Vitwater, you know?”

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Video Pre-Sex Video

Sunday, May 3, 2009

pacquiao vs hatton live

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