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Monday, January 25, 2010

This Jessica Gomes “Bestiality” Video Is Made Possible By That P. Diddy Douchebag

P. Diddy isn’t exactly the most likable fellow, especially when he keeps making these videos whose only purpose is to remind you how much money and pussy YOU don’t have vis-a-vis how much he has (foremost execrable example: “I am king“). In this thing, for instance, he paid Jessica Gomes three truckloads of cash just to simulate coitus. Observe the self-satisfied I-just-fucked-Jessica-Gomes glow in his face at the end. Oscar-worthy, Dick category.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Singaporean Girl Sexual Harassment Public Molestation Video At Siloso Beach Countdown Party

Here is the most scandalous video sparking controversy in Singapore. It is of an apparent Singaporean girl dancing at a New Year's party in only her bra and panties (or bikini) surrounded by a brunch of horny dudes. Of course one thing lead to another and one of the horny dudes lost his damn mind and tried to rip off her underwear. Did I mention she was only wearing what appear to be her underwear? Yup, the asshole seem like he was going to try to rape her in front of a crowd of people with cameras. After the asshole try to rip off her bra and panties she got the hint that it was time for her to leave. Public "molestation" at Siloso Beach Countdown Party, this is how Singapore welcome 2010! It is going to be an interesting year!!!

What is wrong with some dudes? Fuckers don't know how to treat a girl even if she is behaving like a skank. Here is a girl dancing in next to nothing showing everybody a good time when some asshole douchebag come along and send her running. For whatever reason, she seem to have removed much of her clothes leave nothing but a bra and panties (they say it was a bikini but it looked more like undies to me it was so skimpy) while enjoying herself. But this is no excuse for the guy who attacked her. If a drunken banker leave the bank vault open and unattended, it doesn't mean you can just go in and take the money for yourself. The predator seen in the video trying to remove the remainder of her clothes is a potential pussy burglar (rapist). People complain that Singaporean girls are prudes but you can't blame them when this is the way some guys in Singapore behave when they are being anything but prudish.

The young woman dancing in her bra and panties seem to not have been sober nor were the guys that were getting touchy feely with her. She seem to be in her early 20's and was enjoying (she was smiling) the attention at first before things got rough. It started with a guy behind her groping her breast then many others join in then an asshole try to remove her top with an unseen groper try to remove her bottom. Some say she should have attended the party with friends and this would not have happened. But that is just making excuses for the vultures, the girl should be able to go where she want in public without being attacked. And yes, even if she is almost naked only in her undies. By the way, where the hell was the rest of her clothes? Did she just remove it to get the attention of the guys or was she goated into stripping by the crowd? I don't think it was the horny guys who did the undressing but the video is too short to really say for sure. If you are more footage or pictures of this incident then drop a line at to share. If you know that one guy who took things too far call the police and report his name to the authorities.

The video was originally posted on Youtube however it was removed but don't worry because it was saved by a few. Such incidents happen in a lot of parties where chicks in the middle are usually tipsy and the real predectors are on the side just waiting to strike. The video available for download below was sent to by several contributors. Singaporean are calling for action to be taken against the guys in the video. This video is sparking outrage and some are calling it "Public Molestation at Siloso Beach Countdown Party" and are calling for police action. And they are asking why people just stood by taking pictures and not trying to help the girl by assaulted by molesters. Bloggers and other media outlets are spreading the pictures of five men in the video so that they can be officially identified. Alvinology report:

An update to the molestation video taken at the Siloso Countdown Party 2009 – apparently, there were at least FIVE molesters caught in the act in the video.
The video has been taken down from Youtube, but I managed to get screen grabs of all the culprits. Please spread their photos to get these horny beasts identified:

The horniest of the lot, repeated seen groping the victim's breasts

Two more molesters join in

More horny friends joining in

Looks can be deceiving

Dry humping in public?

Watch where molester 3's hand is reaching

Close-up of molester 3's horny expression

The silence molester 5 strikes with just a bare hand in view
Not only were they taking turn to grope the girl’s breasts, molester 3 and an unidentified molester 5 (who only exposed his hand in the video) even went to the extent of tugging down the girl’s bottom!
All this in full public view.
It’s amazing that no one went up to help the poor lady, but instead, can be seen frenetically taking photos and videos throughout the ordeal.

Damn, five dudes felt her up in a matter of 27 seconds. Someone better call the Guinness World Records to report this incident. The guy Alvinology called "molester 3" seem to be the one that went too far in my opinion. The chick and the first guy seem to have been dancing and to me it appear she was a willing participant in the dance. And she even seem to be ( I could be wrong) okay with a lot of the gropers touching her while she dance. All the surrounding guys seem to be rubbing on her but she also seem to be participating with that whole scene. Then out of no way came this asshole being identify as "molester 3" to ruin everything for everyone. Molester 3 in my opinion assaulted her and in my opinion attempted to rape the girl. And "molester 5" also tried to rip off her panties (bikini bottom) but we do not see his face. If you are a girl and you know this guy being call "molester 3" (see his face in the screen shots and video), you need to stay the hell away from him. And also, he need at the very least a talking too from the police. Anyway, if the girl in this vid is reading this post then you should contact me. I will you attention and be your friend (with benefits)!

Here is where things start to get too rough:

And she ran when things look like a pussy burglary was about to do down:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is This The “Real” Real Emma Watson Naked Pic?

Is this a genuine Emma Watson naked pic? Or just one of those “debatable” interweb sightings that bring out the best and worst photoshop experts? You all decide.

Emma Watson nude naked bathroom pic

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