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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Navantia Offers Combat Ship and LPD to Phillipines

Avante 1800 combat ship, length 89,8m and displacement 1.900 ton (image : Navantia)

Navantia Cantabria offers a low cost to Norway

Navantia needs to increase its business, currently based in the maintenance of Navy ships and the construction of two amphibious ships similar to Juan Carlos I to Australia, the first of which was delivered in October 2012. A low workload for its three shipyards that is taking to strengthen its commercial activities, supported by the Ministry of Defence.


While waiting for Turkey to make known, expected in January, which company will participate in the construction of their new amphibious ship, for which Navantia is one of the favorites, the shipping company has sent its proposal to the Norwegian Navy for construction of a logistical support vessel, low budget, similar in concept to Spanish Cantabria.

Elaborate a proposal to win this contest has remained unsuccessful in the first round, since none of the 13 yards that presented their projects met the ceiling Norwegian government budget, set at 150 million euros. The reason is that technical requirements are such that their manufacturing cost that was unfeasible.

Athlas 8000, a 8000 tonnes LPD (image : Navantia)

In the new Specification, Norway has slashed the baseline characteristics of the vessel which has allowed to submit a proposal Navantia very tailored to the needs of their navy, according to Athena explained company sources.

However, competition with shipyards in Germany, France and Italy suggests that it will be difficult to win a contract. Yes, to be with him, is expected to be awarded this year, would be a heavy workload for Ferrol shipyard, as published by La Voz de Galicia.


In addition, the shipping company has also stepped up its marketing efforts in countries like Qatar, where it already has a sales office and having submitted a firm proposal to the Ministry of Defence of the country for the construction of four patrol type and six type Avante Avante 1800 300.


Sources Navantia Athena also explained that the company could also sell their ships in the Philippines, as the country has been interested in the patrol and amphibious Avante 1800 Athlas 8000.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Philippine Coast Guard to Receive 10 Patrol Boats from Japan

The new patrol vessel from Japan expected to arrive in 2014 (photo : gearthhacks)

MANILA, Philippines–The Philippine Coast Guard is set to hire some 300 new personnel to man 10 new patrol boats expected to arrive from Japan.

PCG spokesman Commander Armand Balilo said they would prioritize applicants who would fit the qualifications of those who will man the new acquisitions.

“We need to recruit people with maritime-related courses such as marine engineers and marine navigation course. But we would also be needing technical experts such as those who have mechanical, welding and electrical skills or background,” said Balilo.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario discussed with Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, during the latter’s visit early this week, a loan agreement for the Philippines’ procurement of 10 multi-role response vessels for the Coast Guard.

The new patrol vessels, which are expected to arrive in 2014, are expected to boost the country’s territorial defense in the West Philippine Sea.

PCG usually accepts applicants who finished even non-maritime-related courses.

“But we should now prepare for our new assets. We should prepare the right people or the crew and asset management team who would be in charge of our new vessels’ maintenance,” Balilo explained.

He added that they have one year to hire the needed personnel, who would be assigned for deck operation, navigation, gunnery and engineering.

Those who would be selected would undergo one-year training on board the new ships.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DND : 6 More Countries Offer to Sell Warships to Philippines

Aside from Italy with Maestrale frigates, six countries that are offering their frigates are South Korea, Spain, United States, Israel, Croatia, and Australia. (photo : Aus DoD)

MANILA - At least six foreign countries are offering frigates to the Philippines after the Department of National Defense (DND) expressed interest in purchasing at least two more warships to boost territorial defense amid the dispute at West Philippine Sea.

Fernando Manalo, Defense Undersecretary for finance, munitions, installations and materiel, disclosed that aside from Italy, countries that are offering their frigates are South Korea, Spain, United States, Israel, Croatia, and Australia.

Manalo said that earlier, the Philippines is only eyeing the refurbished Maestrale-class frigates from the Italian navy worth over P11 billion, but more countries have made their offers in the latter part of 2012. 

“Other countries are now just being convinced that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is serious in its efforts to make itself stronger and more credible,” Manalo said.

Manalo further disclosed that some of the countries were offering brand new frigates. He added that the DND is still in the process of conducting studies to determine which type of frigate will be best for the country.

He said the department hopes to come up with a decision by the end of January. “Within this month something must happen,” Manalo said.

“Due diligence is being exercised here because we are talking of billions of pesos,” he added.

Meanwhile, the AFP’s Western Command has not monitored any Chinese vessels on disputed territories at West Philippine Sea.

Air reconnaissance conducted Thursday showed no signs of Chinese warships, said Lieutenant General Juancho Sabban, Western Command commander.

“As per information from my commanders, we conducted aerial recon (Thursday), we didn’t see any of the new vessels that China said they will deploy to West Philippine Sea, and I understand also that from reports (that) China already retracted its statement that they will board and search all vessels passing through West Philippine Sea. I think this is a good development,” Sabban said.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Naval Helicopters to be Delivered by 2014

AW-109 helicopter (photo : Militaryphotos)

MANILA (PNA) - With the signing of the contract of agreement for the Philippines' three naval helicopters a done deal, the Dept. of National Defense expects the aircraft to be delivered and commissioned by 2014.

This is expected to gain impetus with the submission of the letter of credit to the manufacturer, AugustaWestland S.P.A., within the first quarter of 2013.

Upon receipt of this document, the helicopter builder and supplier has 365 working days to deliver the aircraft to the Philippines.

DND observers said they see no problem with the submission of the needed documents, adding that the waiting period for this will be quite short.

Earlier, the DND announced that the contract of agreement for the three naval helicopters were finally signed last Dec. 20.

The three rotary wing aircraft has a net price of P1,337,176,584.

The contract was signed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and supplier AugustaWestland S.P.A.

The acquisition project was done under negotiated procurement through Section 53.2 (Emergency Procurement) of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 9184.

“The acquisition of these naval helicopters is one concrete step towards the fulfillment of our goal to modernize the Philippine Navy, and our Armed Forces in general,” DND Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said.

On Nov. 28, AugustaWestland was declared by the Naval Helicopter Acquisition Project Negotiating Committee as the single calculated and responsive proponent after going through the process of a negotiated procurement.

The Italian Ministerio Della Difesa conducted a review of AugustaWestland’s proposal for the procurement of AW 109 Power Helicopter, including related logistic support and found out that the price per helicopter “seems to have been progressively reduced”, meaning they were sold cheaper.

The AW-109 a twin-engine, eight-seat multipurpose chopper.

First flown as the Agusta A109 in 1971, the craft has proven itself in light transport, medevac, search-and-rescue, and military roles.

It has a crew of one or two pilots and is capable of carrying seven to eight passengers and length of 42 feet 9 inches (13.04 meters).

The AW-109 has a rotor diameter 36 feet 2 inches (11.00 meters).

It has height of 11 feet 6 inches (3.50 meters).

The AW-109's powerplant consist of two Pratt & Whitney Canada 206C or Turbomeca Arrius 2K1 turboshafts, 567 hp or 571 hp (423 kW or 426 kW) each.

It has a maximum speed: 177 miles per hour (154 knots, 285 kilometers/hour).

It has ferry range: 599 miles (521 nautical miles, 964 kilometers) and a service ceiling: 19,600 feet (6,000 meters).

 The AW-109 also has a rate of climb: 1,930 feet per minute (9.8 meter per second).

Upon the recommendation of the DND Bids and Awards Committee, the Secretary of National Defense issued a notice of award last Dec. 4.

“With the other projects in the pipeline and our planned acquisition, we are now louder and clearer in our intent to upgrade the capability of our AFP to address its constitutional duty to 'secure the sovereignty of the state and the integrity of the national territory’,” Gazmin concluded. (PNA)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

PAF to Have New Radars

PAF acquires three radars worth P2.3 billion (photo : Finmeccanica)
Manila, Philippines – As the military builds up its air defense capabilities, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) is acquiring three radars with a project cost of about P2.3 billion, said PAF vice commander Major General Raul Dimatatac.
Interviewed at the Villamor Airbase in Pasay City, Dimatatac told reporters, “We are looking at installing three radars for our three major sites.“
The radars, he said, are among those listed in the PAF’s wish list in the P75-billion military modernization budget in the next five years.
“Although we were given by the government P75 billion for the next five years . . . we have a lot of concerns insofar as security is concerned so we really have to prioritize,“ said Dimatatac.
He added that for the Air Force, among the items lined up for acquisition aside from the radar system are surface attack aircraft (SAA), light lift and long range patrol aircraft, and additional UH1H helicopters.
The PAF vice commander has earlier expressed pleasure over the activation of the third three C-130 Lockheed Hercules cargo plane in the PAF inventory.
The military recommissioned on Friday some of its air and ground assets that underwent major refurbishment, with all the work done locally.
Among the recommissioned assets aside from the C-130 were a Cessna 210, the PAF’s platform for rainmaking, one UH1H combat utility helicopter, and 12 M-35 trucks.
“This is definitely a big improvement to the PAF’s airlift capability, considering that for the past years, we only one C130 aircraft in service,“ said Dimatatac.
He added the three C-130 cargo planes will allow the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to support the government in its various development and relief missions.
Aside from improving the PAF’s cargo lift capability, Dimatatac said that the three aircraft has definitely boosted the morale of their aircrew as they now know that they have a sufficient number of planes to perform their missions.
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