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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DND Mulls Submarine Acquisition

Philippines Navy need three submarines to boost maritime defense  (photo : Naval Technology)

MANILA, Philippines - A ranking military official presented plans on the acquisition of three submarines to boost the country's maritime defense.

Northern Luzon Command head Major Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang said on Monday in a state news report that the Philippine Navy needs the stealth warships to monitor the Philippines' coastal territories.

Catapang said this amid the Chinese's presence in Philippine-claimed areas in the West Philippine Sea--a case elevated to a maritime arbitral tribunal at the Netherlands.

The official said the military plans to purchase the conventional-powered or diesel-electric submarines, which are generally cheaper than nuclear-powered units.

Also being eyed is the acquisition of six frigates for anti-air warfare, 12 corvettes for anti-submarine warfare, 18 offshore patrol vessels and three anti-mine warfare ships.

However, the paper presented by Catapang did not specify on how long and how much it will cost the Philippines to complete this acquisitions.

A brand new diesel-powered submarine unit costs $200 million to $500 million, while nuclear-run types are a hefty $2 billion each.



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